Software Development and Maintenance

Development time depends on the needs and requirements of the new system. The system is as complex as your needs.
Also the time vary according with the technology used.
About of the size average of our projects, we consider:

  • Small: 1 to 3 months
  • Medium: 3 to 6 months
  • Big: 6+ months

Custom software development requires a quote that depends on the time and technology to be used. According your needs, we can know how much time could take the development of your software and, therefore, the costs of it.

The final cost and time is specified in the beginning of the project, we need to identify and analyze your needs, which in turn, it has a cost for elaboration, but included in the real cost of entire project.

  • Mobile technologies: For Android and Apple devices.
  • Web technologies: Web application like ASP.NET, Ruby on Rails, and more.
  • Stand-alone: Technologies for Windows and Linux OS.

Do you need support or maintenance for your software? or maybe do you need a refresh for it? We can help you, Contact us!.

Mobile and Apps

Yes, we are expert on it.
We can develop a custom application for any kind of mobile on Android or Apple devices.

Window phone is not our best skill but you keep in mind: we can make all for you on multi platform

Don't worry about specifications or requirements that the App must need on Store.
We can manage your application for you. Contact us!

  • Android: Your Android App running on one billion devices and more.
  • iOS: Your iOS on sophisticated Apple devices.
  • Multi-Platform: One App All Platforms.

IT Outsourcing

We provide IT services as outsourcing. Bonateck is located in the center of Mexico, a strategic locale and free-risk for outsourcing. Our customers prefer a custom attention and they have chosen to partner with us because we give a competitive advantage, better quality services and accessible prices.

  • Software engineering services
  • Mobile and Web technology development
  • Software maintenance services
  • IT consulting

Yes. Be assured of you will be saving more on your operating costs.

You can pay us either by check or by wire transfer. If you would like to make payments by any other mode, please contact one of our sales executives.